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Ketamine Treatments

At Lakeview Mental Health, located in nearby Everett, we specialize in transformative Ketamine Therapy. This innovative treatment is available to residents of Shoreline, WA, offering relief from mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and other life challenges. Our clinic expertly combines advanced therapeutic techniques with professional expertise, creating a unique and transformative experience for those exploring alternative mental health treatments.

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Guided Sessions

Embracing a holistic approach, we often begin with a guided meditation or the reading of a poem, setting a tone of openness and receptivity. This is followed by a detailed consultation with our nurse practitioner, who meticulously reviews safety protocols and addresses any additional queries you might have.


As you settle onto the couch, surrounded by comforting elements like pillows, a blanket, headphones, and an eye mask, the medication is administered, and tailored to your specific treatment plan. This can be through intramuscular injection or oral administration. Throughout the session, we continuously monitor your oxygen levels and overall well-being, with your guide present at all times to ensure a secure and supportive environment.


As your journey concludes, you are gently brought back to awareness and given the time and space to return to a comfortable state. We offer water and light snacks to aid in this transition. Our team is committed to ensuring your safe transfer to your arranged transportation home. These sessions, whether scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed, are designed with your safety, comfort, and therapeutic progress in mind, ensuring an enriching and effective path towards healing and mental wellness.

Psychedelic Assisted Treatments

Ketamine Therapy at Lakeview Mental Health stands as a pivotal alternative for residents of Shoreline who have not found success with traditional mental health treatments. This method involves precision-managed ketamine dosing under professional supervision, targeting the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the brain. This receptor is key to mood regulation, cognition, and pain perception. The interaction with the brain’s glutamate system effectively ‘resets’ the brain, fostering the formation of new nerve cells and connections, and altering thought and emotional patterns. As a result, patients typically experience rapid symptom relief and a swift improvement in their journey toward mental wellness.

The Pathways of Ketamine


Our approach to treatment initiates with a comprehensive medical health assessment, which may be covered by your insurance. Following this, we arrange two preparatory meetings with our therapist. In these sessions, we delve into topics like mindset, environment, intentions, and the intricacies of the guided Ketamine journey, aiming to harness your inner healing capabilities. The core of the treatment, the Ketamine experience, spans over two hours under the supervision of a trained guide. This transformative session is complemented by a subsequent integration meeting with our therapist, designed to help you process and reflect on your experience.


We use low-dose ketamine to enhance therapy sessions for individuals dealing with emotionally taxing or complex issues. Administered intramuscularly, this carefully measured dosage aims to lessen inhibitions and the fear response, creating a conducive setting for a more engaging therapeutic experience.

Guided Ketamine

Those seeking relief from depression, or aiming to sustain progress in managing depressive symptoms, can consider including ketamine as part of their overall therapeutic treatment plan.

Group Processing

We are in the process of expanding our offerings to feature group ketamine processing sessions. These sessions are structured to include a 90-minute preparatory phase, a communal ketamine journey, followed by a group integration discussion. Scheduled a week apart, these sessions are particularly aimed at healthcare professionals experiencing burnout. The cost for each participant in these group sessions is set at $450.


Therapy, including psychedelic-assisted sessions, is available for clients on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule. We are actively working towards partnering with insurance companies to offer these services as an in-network provider. At present, our sessions are cash-based, priced at $150 for each 55-minute session.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is augmented through the use of ketamine-assisted techniques. Before beginning, each partner is individually evaluated for their suitability for ketamine therapy, which includes a medical health assessment that can be billed to insurance. In the therapy sessions, partners embark on their individual journeys in the presence of their significant other and a guide. Combined preparatory and integration sessions are designed to enhance communication, deepen connection, and promote collaboration between partners.

Tailored On-Site Secure Sessions

At Lakeview Mental Health, our Ketamine-assisted therapy sessions, crucial for our Shoreline clients, are carefully conducted at our Everett facility. This ensures a safe and serene environment essential for the effectiveness of the treatment. As part of our commitment to client safety, we require clients to arrange transportation to a safe location post-session. Our staff will ensure that each client is safely escorted to their arranged transport, maintaining the highest standard of care and safety.

Each session includes comprehensive preparations, guided meditations, and in-depth consultations to ensure a personalized and secure experience. The ketamine is administered in a comfortable setting, with continuous monitoring throughout the session, ensuring a supportive environment for every individual.

Our approach to Ketamine Therapy encompasses more than just medication. It includes comprehensive counseling and regular integration sessions with therapists, vital for the healing and growth process. This treatment plan, which combines Ketamine with therapeutic care, is designed for lasting mental health improvements.

Telehealth: Extending Virtual Care to Shoreline Residents

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Lakeview Mental Health offers Telehealth services to the Shoreline community. These virtual services allow residents to initiate and continue their treatment remotely. While our core Ketamine Therapy sessions are conducted on-site at our center, Telehealth provides an excellent option for pre-treatment preparations and post-treatment follow-ups, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive care experience.


Patient Outcome

Ketamine therapy demonstrates a 60-70% effectiveness in ameliorating depressive and various psychiatric conditions. A significant majority of patients experience a noticeable improvement in their mental health, with some attaining full remission. Our methodology for Ketamine sessions includes establishing clear intentions, providing a safe and nurturing environment, and concentrating on the upcoming journey. This well-organized approach boosts the likelihood of personal development and recovery, adeptly tackling the underlying factors of depression and anxiety symptoms.

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Embark on Your Healing Journey in Shoreline

Lakeview Mental Health invites the community to explore a new path in mental wellness through our Ketamine Therapy. Our Everett-based team is dedicated to ensuring a healing and empowering journey, offering support at every step.

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