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Psychiatric Services For Bothell WA

The Whole

Offering compassionate psychiatric care from our Everett location, we extend a warm welcome to Bothell residents on their path to healing and self-discovery. Understanding the unique journeys of each individual, we are here to listen attentively to your needs and nurture self-trust. Our commitment is to guide you towards personal healing, providing support every step of the way.




Our Mission

At our Everett-based practice, we extend a warm invitation to Bothell residents seeking holistic psychiatric care. We understand that the journey to mental wellness knows no boundaries, and we are here to bridge the gap with comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs.

Experience and Care

We invite you to connect with us and discover the unique benefits of our holistic approach. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to providing comprehensive psychiatric and therapeutic care, tailored to each individual’s needs. By combining the convenience of telehealth with the expertise of onsite therapies, we guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life, ensuring personalized and accessible mental health care for all.

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