Lakeview Mental Health

Telehealth Services: Virtual Care in Bothell, WA

At Lakeview Mental Health, located near Bothell, WA, we’re pioneering the integration of virtual services into our psychedelic-integrated treatments. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we’ve made Telehealth a key part of our offerings, providing flexibility and effectiveness in your mental health journey.

Convenient and Accessible Virtual Sessions from Bothell

Our Telehealth services offer residents a convenient way to begin their mental health journey. These virtual sessions allow you to engage in therapeutic interactions and initial preparations from your home’s comfort, ensuring consistent support regardless of your location.

Virtual Sessions: Your Gateway to Healing

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Preparatory Sessions:

Our virtual preparatory sessions are crucial, especially for those in Bothell considering our onsite psychedelic-assisted therapy. These meetings help you understand and prepare for the transformative journey ahead.

Continued Care Post-Onsite Therapy: After completing an onsite session, including Psychedelic Assisted Therapy or Ketamine Integration at our Everett location, we offer the option to continue your journey virtually. This ensures seamless ongoing support, essential for integrating your onsite experiences.

Integrating Telehealth with Advanced Therapies

For Bothell residents, our Telehealth integration extends to all aspects of our treatment programs. This includes Ketamine Therapy, where Telehealth sessions play a vital role in preparation and post-treatment care. For Psychedelic Therapy, while the core sessions occur onsite for close monitoring, Telehealth is indispensable for pre-session setup and post-session integration. This combination of in-person and virtual care provides a holistic and supportive path to mental wellness.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Virtually

Telehealth therapy breaks down geographical barriers, bringing expert mental health care directly to Bothell residents. These virtual appointments offer a blend of convenience and comprehensive care, ensuring you receive the necessary support.

Let’s achieve your Mental Health Goals today!

We invite Bothell and surrounding area residents to discover the benefits of Telehealth therapy at Lakeview Mental Health. Whether you’re beginning your journey with virtual preparatory sessions or seeking support after onsite therapy, our Telehealth services are tailored to your unique needs. Reach out to us today to start your journey towards mental wellness.