Lakeview Mental Health

Telehealth Services in WA

Lakeview Mental Health, located in Everett, leads the way in integrating virtual services into our advanced treatment programs across Washington. Our Telehealth services are a cornerstone, providing flexible and effective mental health solutions for residents throughout Washington, including Bothell, Shoreline, and beyond.

Accessible Virtual Sessions For Enhanced Mental Health

We provide a convenient gateway to mental health care, allowing residents to engage in therapeutic interactions from the privacy of their homes. These virtual sessions offer personalized care and are integral to our holistic treatment approach.

Telehealth: A Pathway to Healing


Preparatory Sessions: Essential for individuals preparing for onsite psychedelic-assisted therapy, our virtual sessions lay the groundwork for the treatment journey.


Continued Care Post-Onsite Therapy: After an onsite session at our Everett center, clients have the option to continue their therapy virtually, ensuring a continuous and integrated treatment experience.

Integrating Telehealth with In-Person Care

Our treatment programs blend Telehealth with onsite sessions. While initial consultations and follow-up care are provided virtually, essential treatments like Ketamine and Psychedelic Therapy take place at our Everett location, ensuring a complete care package.

therapist offering support in person

Virtual Recovery Journey with Lakeview Mental Health

Our Telehealth services make expert mental health care accessible throughout the region. These virtual appointments are designed to provide convenience and quality, ensuring ongoing support for our clients.

Start Your Mental Health Journey with Us

We invite you to explore the benefits of Telehealth therapy with Lakeview Mental Health. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing essential support before, during, and after in-person sessions. Contact us to begin your path to mental wellness with innovative and safe treatment options.