Lakeview Mental Health

Telehealth Services: Virtual Care in Shoreline, WA

Located near Shoreline, WA, Lakeview Mental Health is at the forefront of integrating virtual services into our psychedelic-assisted treatments. Telehealth has become a fundamental part of our practice, providing residents with flexible and effective mental health solutions.

Convenient and Accessible Virtual Sessions 

Our Telehealth services offer a seamless way for our clients to embark on their mental health journey. These virtual sessions ensure engagement in therapeutic interactions and preparations from the comfort and privacy of your home, providing consistent support regardless of your location.

Virtual Sessions: Your Pathway to Healing

man smiling at laptop in a virtual session

Preparatory Sessions:

For those in Shoreline considering our onsite psychedelic-assisted therapy at our clinic in Everett, our virtual preparatory sessions are vital. They help set the stage for your therapeutic journey, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the transformative experience ahead.

Continued Care Post-Onsite Therapy:

Once you complete an onsite session, including Psychedelic Assisted Therapy or Ketamine Integration at our Everett facility, we provide the option to continue your therapy virtually. This allows for a smooth transition and ongoing support, crucial for integrating the insights and experiences gained during the onsite sessions.

Integrating Telehealth into Advanced Therapy Programs

We seamlessly integrate Telehealth into all our treatment programs. This includes Ketamine Therapy, where virtual sessions are crucial for both pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment care. Similarly, for Psychedelic Therapy, while core treatments are conducted onsite in Everett, Telehealth plays a crucial role in pre-session and post-session processes. This blend of in-person and virtual care ensures a comprehensive and supportive journey toward mental well-being.

Begin Your Virtual Recovery Journey

Telehealth therapy eliminates geographical constraints, bringing expert mental health care directly to residents. These virtual appointments are a perfect blend of convenience and quality care, ensuring you have access to the support you need.

Embark on Your Mental Health Journey with Us

We invite residents of Shoreline, Bothell, Everett, and the surrounding areas to explore the advantages of Telehealth therapy at Lakeview Mental Health. Whether you’re starting with virtual preparatory sessions or seeking continued support following onsite therapy, our Telehealth services are customized to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to begin your journey toward mental wellness.