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Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine in Everett, WA

Guided Sessions

Ketamine is offered by mouth or intramuscular by injection. These are guided sessions with trained staff in office. These are not covered by insurance. Depending on treatment planning, these may occur weekly, biweekly, monthly, or longer.


Both ketamine requires integration with a therapist. Weekly visits help process, heal, and grow. Our ketamine pathways includes a medical health assessment, two preparatory therapy sessions, and one integration session


Low dose ketamine can help facilitate therapy by decreasing inhibition, and the fear response. It can allow the participant to engage in challenging subjects they may not otherwise be able to while in a therapy session.


Patient Outcome

Ketamine has an effectiveness rate of 60-70%. Meaning 60-70% of patients will experience improvement in their depressive and other psychiatric symptoms. Some patients may experience remission. Our sessions are guided with setting intentions, providing a safe container, and having a focus for ketamine journeys. This allows for greater support in growth and healing from the challenges contributing to depressive or anxiety symptoms.


Ketamine Pathways


Our journeys include a medical health assessment, billed through your insurance provider. Followed by two preparatory sessions with our therapist to discuss set, setting, intention, the guided journey, and finding our inner healing intelligence. The ketamine journey is a 2-hour journey with a trained guide, followed by an integration session with our therapist. The cost per journey is $1100.


Low-dose ketamine can be used to facilitate therapy for participants wishing to address emotionally painful or challenging subjects. This is administered intramuscularly, with low dosing to decrease inhibition and the fear response. The cost of a one-hour psycholytic session is $250.

Guided Ketamine

Participants working with the ketamine medicine for the treatment of depression, and for the maintenance of improving depression symptoms, may use ketamine as part of their therapy. Two-hour guided sessions are $600.

Group Processing

Our practice is in the process of developing group ketamine processing sessions. This will include a 90-minute preparatory session, a group ketamine journey, and a group integration session. Sessions will be spaced one week apart. We are starting this service with a focus on those who work in healthcare and experiencing burnout. The cost to participate in a group processing session is $450.


Therapy is offered to clients on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. The practice is in the process of contracting with insurance companies to provide this service as an in-network provider. Currently, this is a cash service, offered at $150 per one 55 minute session.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling using a ketamine-assisted therapy approach. Each participant is evaluated individually for candidacy of ketamine therapy with a medical health assessment, billed to insurance. Journeys are completed with the partner in session with the participant and the guide, for each partner. Combined preparatory and integration sessions allow for greater ease of discussion, connection, and collaboration. The cost per couple’s journey is $1800.

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