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Telehealth Services in Everett

At Lakeview Mental Health in Everett, WA, we’re embracing the future of therapy by expanding to virtual services into our treatments. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, and that’s why we’ve made Telehealth therapy an option of what we offer. It’s all about giving you flexible and effective choices for your mental health journey.

Our Telehealth services provide a convenient and accessible way to start your mental health journey. With our virtual sessions, you can immerse yourself in therapeutic interactions and initial session preparations from the privacy and comfort of your own home, ensuring that our support remains constant, wherever you may be.

Virtual Sessions: A Bridge to Healing

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Preparatory Sessions: Before embarking on any in-depth therapy, especially our onsite psychedelic-assisted treatment, we conduct thorough preparatory sessions. These virtual meetings help set the stage for your therapeutic journey, ensuring you are fully informed and prepared for the next steps.

Continued Care Post-Onsite Therapy: Following your onsite psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions, we offer the option to continue your journey virtually. This flexibility allows for a seamless transition and ongoing support, which is vital for integrating the insights and experiences gained during the onsite sessions.

Integrating Virtual Services with Treatment

At Lakeview Mental Health, we’ve integrated Telehealth into the heart of our treatment programs, ensuring a different approach to your mental health journey. This includes our innovative Ketamine Therapy, where Telehealth sessions are crucial for preparing you for treatment and providing follow-up care. It’s all about making sure you feel supported and informed every step of the way.

Similarly, for our Psychedelic Therapy, while the core treatment happens onsite for close monitoring, the role of Telehealth can’t be overstated. It’s essential for setting the stage before your session and helping you process and integrate your experience afterward. This blend of in-person and virtual care ensures a comprehensive and supportive path toward healing and mental well-being.

Mental Health Recovery with Virtual Therapy

With Telehealth therapy, we break down geographical barriers, bringing expert mental health care directly to you. These virtual appointments offer a blend of convenience and quality care, ensuring you receive the support you need, when you need it.

Let’s achieve your Mental Health Goals today!

We invite residents of Washington, especially those in Everett, Bothell, and Shoreline, to explore the benefits of Telehealth therapy at Lakeview Mental Health. Whether you’re starting your journey with preparatory sessions or seeking continued support after onsite therapy, our virtual sessions are designed to cater to your unique needs. Contact us today to begin your journey.