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Ketamine Treatments

At Lakeview Mental Health, we are dedicated to offering transformative treatments, with a special focus on Ketamine Therapy. To help address those in Everett seeking relief from the grips of depression, anxiety, and the uncertainties of life’s direction, our clinic offers a range of therapies, including Ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted methods. Our center focuses on providing effective treatment through a combination of advanced therapeutic techniques and professional expertise to invoke a transformative experience. 

Guided Sessions

Embracing a holistic approach, we often begin with a guided meditation or the reading of a poem, setting a tone of openness and receptivity. This is followed by a detailed consultation with our nurse practitioner, who meticulously reviews safety protocols and addresses any additional queries you might have.


As you settle onto the couch, surrounded by comforting elements like pillows, a blanket, headphones, and an eye mask, the medication is administered, and tailored to your specific treatment plan. This can be through intramuscular injection or oral administration. Throughout the session, we continuously monitor your oxygen levels and overall well-being, with your guide present at all times to ensure a secure and supportive environment.


As your journey concludes, you are gently brought back to awareness and given the time and space to return to a comfortable state. We offer water and light snacks to aid in this transition. Our team is committed to ensuring your safe transfer to your arranged transportation home. These sessions, whether scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed, are designed with your safety, comfort, and therapeutic progress in mind, ensuring an enriching and effective path towards healing and mental wellness.

Ketamine Therapy: A New Horizon in Mental Health Treatment

Ketamine Therapy is a key offering at Lakeview Mental Health in Everett, providing an alternative for individuals who haven’t found success with traditional mental health treatments. This method involves carefully managed ketamine dosing under professional supervision. It works by targeting the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the brain, which is crucial in regulating mood, cognition, and pain perception. This interaction with your brain’s glutamate system, a key network involved in mood and thought processing, essentially ‘resets’ the brain, helping it form new nerve cells and connections, which can change the way you think and feel, often leading to rapid symptom relief. As a result, patients typically experience quick improvement, paving new paths in their journey toward mental wellness.

Ketamine Pathways


Our treatment process begins with a medical health assessment, which is billable through your insurance. This is followed by two preparatory sessions with our therapist, where we’ll discuss mindset, environment, intentions, and the guided Ketamine journey, tapping into your inner healing intelligence. The Ketamine session itself is a 2-hour experience led by a trained guide, followed by an integration session with our therapist to process and reflect on your journey.


Low-dose ketamine is utilized to enhance therapy for individuals aiming to tackle emotionally difficult or challenging topics. Administered intramuscularly, the low dosage is designed to reduce inhibition and the fear response, facilitating a more open therapeutic experience.

Guided Ketamine

Individuals seeking treatment for depression or looking to maintain improvements in depressive symptoms may incorporate ketamine as a component of their therapeutic regimen.

Group Processing

We are currently evolving our services to include group ketamine processing sessions. These sessions will comprise a 90-minute preparation, a shared ketamine journey, and a group integration discussion. Each session will be scheduled one week apart. Initially targeting healthcare professionals dealing with burnout, these group sessions are priced at $450 per participant.


Therapy, including psychedelic-assisted sessions, is available for clients on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule. We are actively working towards partnering with insurance companies to offer these services as an in-network provider. At present, our sessions are cash-based, priced at $150 for each 55-minute session.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is enhanced with a ketamine-assisted approach. Each partner undergoes an individual evaluation for ketamine therapy suitability, including a medical health assessment billable to insurance. Therapy sessions involve each partner experiencing their journey alongside their significant other and a guide. Joint preparatory and integration sessions facilitate improved communication, connection, and collaboration between partners.

Beyond Medication: Comprehensive Healing

Our structured approach to Ketamine Therapy includes an initial medical health assessment, followed by two preparatory sessions with our therapists. These sessions are key in preparing you mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead. After undergoing the Ketamine Therapy, an integral integration session with your therapist allows you to process and internalize the experiences and insights gained.

This blend of therapeutic care and Ketamine Treatment is designed to foster lasting improvements in your mental health. Our aim is to achieve significant and meaningful progress, potentially reducing the need for frequent treatments as seen in traditional methods. 

Our commitment at Lakeview Mental Health is to guide you towards a path of meaningful recovery and sustained mental well-being.


Expanding Treatment Options with Telehealth

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and convenience, Lakeview Mental Health offers Telehealth services, expanding accessibility for residents of Everett, WA, and beyond.. This virtual approach allows you to initiate and continue your treatment remotely, ensuring that our expert care is available to you, regardless of your location.


Patient Outcome

Ketamine therapy shows a 60-70% success rate in improving depressive and other psychiatric conditions. This means a significant majority of patients notice an enhancement in their mental health, with some achieving complete remission. Our approach to Ketamine sessions involves setting clear intentions, creating a secure and supportive environment, and focusing on the journey ahead. This structured framework enhances the potential for personal growth and healing, effectively addressing the root causes of depression and anxiety symptoms.

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